El Paseo’s Restoration & Reopening 7th Anniversary

7 years ago today marks the restoration and reopening of El Paseo in Mill Valley! The history of the Bay Area was woven deeply into the construction of El Paseo. The bricks walling in the quaint warren of rooms were reclaimed from landfill from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the thick beams, supporting many of the ceilings, were rail ties from the gravity trains used to bring visitors up Mount Tamalpais’ East Peak at the turn of the last century. Designed by noted architect Gus Costigan, who sketched his designs while serving in WWII, El Paseo holds a soulful and authentic example of the California Mission-Style. The meticulous restoration of the property took two years; a restoration which has enhanced El Paseo’s warmth and accentuated its timeless appeal.